Jovanny Rosado has taken what he calls “an atypical career path” and quite literally emerged from the deep sea to his position today, leading strategic communications and media relations at Denterlein, a woman-owned independent strategic communications and public relations agency based in Boston, where he works with several of the agency’s largest clients, many in the real estate and healthcare, cultural, and nonprofit industries.

As a US Navy submarine veteran, remaining ever-adaptive to navigate complex and sensitive issues while opportunistically being on the lookout is his secret sauce—he brings it to the table of every organization he works with to help them drive results in today’s competitive business environment.

Jovanny’s diverse background is a testament to his versatility. Growing up in Puerto Rico, he is fluent in both English and Spanish. He has worked at various communications agencies and led communications for a Boston nonprofit. Over many years, this rich diversity of experience has allowed him to craft creative, strategic, multi-lingual solutions and powerful storytelling that help organizations and individuals succeed and raise their profile and positive impact.

He has a knack for media relations and loves the rush of winning a media hit for clients. He has built strong relationships with reporters, editors, and producers in Greater Boston and other markets.

Before Denterlein, Jovanny worked at two other Boston-based communications agencies and took a hiatus from Denterlein to lead communications at Victory Programs, a local nonprofit serving unhoused families and individuals in recovery.

Jovanny graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a BA in communications and media studies.